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Meribook makes it easy for authors, coaches and marketers to create and share ebooks, online courses and lead magnets.


A powerful content creation, collaboration and distribution platform.

Meribook is a powerful online publishing platform that enables content creators to effortlessly turn their knowledge into valuable interactive content and share it with the world.

Whether you want to create and sell an online course, collaborate with other authors or convert your free ebook into an attention-grabbing lead magnet, Meribook has everything you need to promote your brand and profit from your content.


Frictionless digital content publishing

You bring the ideas, knowledge and expertise. We’ll bring the cutting-edge technology and marketing knowhow. Together, we’ll create content that begs to be shared.


Effortlessly turn your ideas into shareworthy content with our suite of intuitive electronic publishing tools.

Create ebooks, courses, strategy guides and more with the online publishing platform that helps content creators just like you bring their vision to life without the tech headaches.


Bring together the expertise and creative talent in your organisation with our industry-leading content collaboration platform.

Access, sync, share and collaborate on projects using any device type, and unify the knowledge of your most valuable assets – your team.


Connect with your audience like never before with Meribook’s robust content distribution features.

Share a link to your content anywhere online, embed your ebooks and courses on your website or create custom campaigns with our powerful marketing automation features.

Build your brand with the ultimate content creation, collaboration and marketing platform


Content creation

Creating and editing content in Meribook just makes sense. Whether you’re working on an ebook, putting together a course or simply want to jot down a few notes, Meribook creates a pre-defined structure for you to hang your content on, leaving you free to focus on what matters: your content.


Content collaboration

Invite people to view, edit or manage your documents with the click of a button. Collaborate with team members on a whole ebook, or restrict them to working on specific sections of your document. However you want to collaborate with others, Meribook can make it happen.  


Flexible sharing

Take control of your content marketing with Meribook’s extremely granular sharing options. Share an entire ebook or course with your audience and remove access to the content whenever you like.

Share specific chapters – or even just part of a chapter. Or share a tiny section of teaser content and reserve the rest for premium members. You can even embed your document directly into your website if you wish.


Marketing automation

Our list building functionality enables you to convert your content into attention-grabbing lead magnets and automatically deliver them to your subscribers’ inboxes the moment they subscribe.

Meribook integrates with a number of popular marketing platforms – including MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Convertful and Convertbox – and also offers webhook access for even great connectivity. We also provide pre-designed web-to-lead forms that you can embed directly on your web pages!

Why choose Meribook to publish your digital content?

Save time and money!

Meribook is an all-in-one content publishing system that offers a complete end-to-end content creation, publication and distribution solution. There’s no need to jump between different apps or spend time training your staff to use different software products, and Meribook’s intuitive content publishing architecture will help you streamline your content workflows like never before.

We all know that time is money, and Meribook can help you save a lot of time. But our powerful lead magnet feature also means that there’s no need to pay for expensive PDF design services when you want to repurpose your digital content as a lead magnet or content upgrade. Meribook takes care of that for you.

Meribook integrates with your favourite marketing apps


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We know you want to transform lives with your knowledge in this new digital world.  Let us take care of the tech, while you focus on your community.

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Why choose Meribook as your digital publishing platform?

Create multiple types of content

Take your ebooks and workbooks to new heights -actionable and results driven.
  • Create ebooks
  • Create oline courses
  • Create marketing resources
  • Create notes

Control what you share

Granular control over what yo share means you get more done quickly without stressing over how to share.

  • Share whole documents
  • Share sections of documents
  • Embed documents in web pages
  • Enable/disable shared links

No senseless limits on collaboration

Invite as many people to your projects as you like. All they need is a our free lifetime account.

  • Collabroate with proper permissions.
  • Grant view, edit or manage access at Book level.
  • No accidental delete by collaborators.
  • Version control built-in.

Deliver lead magnets with ease

Deliver results with lead magnets that are actionable and easily accessable.

  • Publish lead magent with one click.
  • Integrates with many autoresponders.
  • Embeddable web-to-lead forms.
  • Unique instant content delivery.

Users loving it

Don’t believe our words, believe theirs

“I love the note-taking system!  This should help retention of ideas... So, having good notes in the format you've provided will be incredibly helpful for leaders long term.”

John Alan Turner

Writer, a theologian, and leadership consultant.

“I love structures that are simple and work well and this certeinly does.  The cloning aspect of this software also sounds cool so will definitely view your follow-up video.”

Yaja Nowakowski

Speaker and leadership development coach.


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Treasure Island

The most popular pirate story written in english can be found on Meribook with our unique online format.


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